Source: Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain announced the launch of its Element alloy in 26 and 29-inch wheel sizes and carbon Vertex RSL. Each of these bikes is packed with some new features. Notably, the wagon wheelers see new geometries for a tight wheelbase and short chainstays.

Here is a video from Rocky Mountain introducing the 2012 Element Alloy 26 and 29:

Rocky Mountain’s new Element Alloy 26.

Rocky Mountain's new Element Alloy 29.

Element alloy features:
Compact Frame Design
The smaller the triangle, the stiffer the frame. 2012 Element features a compact front triangle with extended seat tube to ensure the stiffest frame possible with ample standover height.

Tapered Head Tube
By facilitating larger top and down tube junctions, Element's tapered head tube gives ultimate front end stiffness and super precise steering as a result.

E-Type Direct Mount Front Derailleur
By using the direct mount E-Type front derailleur, Rocky Mountain created a light and stiff swingarm configuration. The derailleur moves with the swingarm, eliminating clearance issues and allowing Rocky to make a more compact, stiffer chain stay.

Element's wide BB92 bottom bracket shell allows for a larger junction with the down tube and seat tube, increasing stiffness.

Internal Cable Routing
For less cable contamination and clean aesthetics. Rocky’s custom system allows for simple cable changes via a port near the BB.

E-Thru 142 x 12mm Rear Axle on Element 29
Bigger wheels = more flex, so Rocky designed an E-Thru 142x12mm rear axle system into Element 29.

Seat Collar Sleeve
The Element's fitted rubber seat collar sleeve prevents water from entering the frame.

Integrated Sag Indicator
A quick glance at the upper rocker pivot will let you know if your shock is sagged properly.

Custom Anti Chain Drop Plate
Mounted onto the front derailleur is a custom chain drop plate that prevents the chain from jamming between the BB and chainring.

Cable guides
Cable guides for dropper posts.

The new carbon fiber Vertex RSL.

Vertex RSL features:
Massive Down Tube
A frame's down tube is the origin of its stiffness. Mated to a tapered head tube and wide 92mm bottom bracket shell, Vertex RSL's oversized down tube provides pedaling stiffness and steering precision.

Wide and Flat Top Tube
Rocky claims the best way to maximize lateral front end stiffness while maintaining rear end vertical compliance was to give the Vertex RSL a wide and flat profiled top tube that tapers and flattens as it extends toward the rear.

Minimalist Seat Stays
Vertex RSL's super thin and flat seat stays keep the rear end laterally stiff without being too harsh.

Tapered & Curved Seat Tube
The tube measures 32mm at the top, grows to 34mm, bends to allow for shorter chain stays and tighter wheelbase, and finally flares for stiffness at the BB.

27.2mm Seatpost
A small diameter seat tube ensures not only the lightest frame possible, but also acts as passive suspension.