RockShox to Offer New Reverb Models

New (fatter) diameter and longer-travel Stealth models will hit the streets in late summer

By Vernon Felton

The Reverb Stealth will soon be available in 34.9-diameter and in a longer (150 millimeter) travel version.

RockShox's Reverb has been the dropper post to beat for some time now. The race for dropper-post supremacy, however, is heating up these days. All manner of new posts (including KindShock's LEV and Fox's D.O.S.S.) continue to hit the market and offer steep competition to RockShox’s hydraulically-activated post. What can you expect from the Reverb in the near future? We've seen no hints pointing towards a major overhaul, but RockShox is adding a few more options for riders.

New Size--34.9-millimeter
To date, the Reverb ($370) has come in two diameters--30.9 and 31.6 millimeters. When September rolls around, you'll also be able to get all Reverb posts in 34.9-millimeters, which should open up the post to a wider range of riders.

Longer-Drop Version of Stealth Post
In 2012, two bicycle manufacturers (Scott USA and Trek) offered bikes equipped with Reverb Stealth ($415): the dropper post with the internal (through the frame) routed hydraulic line. In September, RockShox will offer the Stealth model in both 34.9 diameter and in a longer (150-millimeter) travel version.

If you're itching to get your hands on a "normal" Reverb with six inches of travel adjust, well, no dice at this point. Conventionally-routed Reverbs will continue to be available in 100 and 125-millimeter travel adjust.

Reverb Enduro Collar

Reverbs generally offer either 100 or 125-millimeters of travel adjust--with the bolt-on Enduro Collar (that shiny chunk of aluminum near the post head), you can fine tune your Reverb's bottom out point; in essence fine tuning just how much travel you have. The Enduro Collar retails for $20.

Fine Tune Your Travel Adjust with the Enduro Collar
Of course, not everyone wants or needs such a post that drops a monstrous distance. To that end, the Enduro Collar ($20)--a simple bolt-on accessory lets you fine tune the bottom out point on your Reverb. The collar has been around since the beginning of the 2012 season, but has been running a bit below the radar. Bottom line: for $20, you can run as much or little travel adjust as you want. The Enduro Collar fits all Reverb models.