RockShox’s SID fork has always been known as a tool for cross-country racing, but in the past it was intended to be capable of moonlighting as a lightweight trail fork. Trail bikes now exceed the capabilities of a fork like the SID, and forks like RockShox’s own Pike or Fox’s 34 are better matched to their versatility. So when the time came for a refresh, RockShox decided to narrow the SID’s focus.

As such, the new platform is built around an air spring which is optimized for 100 millimeters of travel. This means no pre-installed tokens, and, since there’s no need to account for longer-travel settings, RockShox was able to shave material off the lowers and dropouts without compromising stiffness. The result is a weight reduction of just under a quarter pound compared to the previous SID.

RockShox SID Specs

  • Compatible with Torque Cap and standard 15×100 and 15×110 end caps
  • Quick-release axle on aftermarket forks, tooled axle on OEM forks
  • Redesigned adjust knobs and air cap
  • Tool-free brake-hose guide

Internally, the SID gets a more linear spring curve, but can be tuned with Bottomless Tokens for added ramp-up. Like the RS-1, the SID utilizes a Jounce bumper to prevent metal-on-metal bottom-out impacts. RockShox says it has updated the seals with a lower-friction material that should also offer better performance when the mercury takes a dive. There’s a total of four SID forks, and the top-end World Cup and RLC models get a new version of the Charger damper. The SID’s version of the Charger is a smaller, fully-bled cartridge damper with external open and lock settings. There’s a compression adjust for the full-open mode, as well as a rebound adjust.


SID World Cup (left) and RLC

SID World Cup (left) and RLC

SID World Cup

  • Carbon crown & steerer tube
  • Charger Damper
  • Remote lockout compatible
  • MSRP: $1150 – $1225


  • Charger Damper
  • Remote lockout compatible
  • MSRP: $845 – $915

SID XX (left) and RL


  • Motion Control damper
  • XLoc remote comes stock
  • MSRP: $845


  • Motion Control damper
  • Remote lockout compatible
  • MSRP: $600 – 670

The new SID forks are expected to be available in July. View complete pricing & specs.