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RockShox Announces Super Deluxe Coil Shocks

Plus, updates to the air cans

RockShox today is announcing a new line of metric-sized coil shocks intended for everything from trail and all-mountain riding to more gravity-reliant pursuits. Also announced are some new Super Deluxe and Deluxe air shocks. We don’t have any pricing or specific sizing information yet, as these shocks are all OEM-only for now. Select after-market options are forthcoming.

Super Deluxe Coil Shocks

We’re looking at four new coil shocks here. All are metric-sized, come with sag gradients printed on the shaft and all have independently tunable compression and rebound. Rebound is adjustable externally, of course, and steel springs will be available from RockShox in 50-pound increments, from 350 to 650. Mounting options include trunnion, bearing and standard DU.

RCT (left) and RT Remote.

Super Deluxe Coil RCT & RT Remote

“Solid Threshold” is RockShox’s buzzword for the Open/Pedal mode adjustment. That adjustment is controlled by a traditional lever on the shock on the RCT version, which also has a low-speed compression adjust for Open mode. The RT Remote model controls the Open/Pedal adjustment with a bar-mounted remote, and does not feature an Open mode low-speed compression adjust.

RC World Cup (left) and R.

Super Deluxe Coil RC World Cup

As the name suggests, this is the gravity-focused shock of the bunch. It gets external rebound and low-speed compression adjustments.

Super Deluxe Coil R

The R model is the budget-friendly option (though we don’t know exactly how budget friendly). It’s a more bare-boned option, with rebound being the only external adjustment aside from preload.


Super Deluxe & Deluxe Air Updates

The air cans look mostly the same, but RockShox actually has four new models in store for its OEM partners. All are metric sized with trunnion, bearing and DU mount options, and all feature external rebound adjustment. The full-stroke indicator printed on the shocks’ shafts is sure to have other suspension makers face-palming and wondering “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Super Deluxe RCT and RC World Cup.

Super Deluxe RCT

The RCT looks a lot like the piggyback Super Deluxe shocks that are on the market now, but it boasts a new Open-mode low-speed compression adjustment.

Super Deluxe RC World Cup

As the metric replacement for the Vivid Air, the RC World Cup is designed specifically for use on downhill sleds. It features external rebound and low-speed compression adjustments.

Super Deluxe RT Remote and Deluxe RL Remote.

Super Deluxe RT Remote & Deluxe RL Remote

The RT Remote, which was used this season by EWS elites like Jerome Clementz and Cecile Ravanel, gets a bar-mounted OneLoc remote that toggles the shock between Pedal and Open modes. It does not have an external low-speed compression adjustment. There’s also a new version of the (non-Super) Deluxe-the RL Remote-that features the same remote switch.