Review: Orange Seal Tire Sealant

A better way to seal the deal

Most tire sealants don’t work very well. They dry up too quickly, don't coat the tire well enough or don't have enough particulates and are ineffective at actually sealing punctures. Stan's, the creator of the whole tire goop game, does most things very well, but its sealant can dry up pretty fast.

This is where Orange Seal has the upper hand. It coats the inside of the tire quickly and evenly, creating a good initial seal, and it stays a liquid for a long time. This allows it to continue sealing punctures a few months after initial installation. And if that's not long enough, Orange Seal makes an 'Endurance' sealant formula that is designed to last even longer.

For The Bible of Bike Tests, we converted every single bike to tubeless, and the most noticeable benefit of Orange Seal was how quickly it coated and made a tubeless-ready tire completely airtight. Due to the nature of the terrain in Northwest Arkansas, which includes the same sharp-edged stone Native Americans used for arrowheads, we had ample opportunity to test Orange Seal's puncture-sealing effectiveness. It easily sealed small punctures as well or better than other sealants.

Orange Seal is available in 4- (as shown, $10), 8- and 16-ounce bottles.