Roses are red, Yeti bikes are teal,  Mavic wheels are yellow, Park tools are blue, and Renthal bars are… some weird sort of sandy copper.

For a couple decades, the UK motorcycle and bicycle handlebar manufacturer has been inspiring lust in "AluGold," one of the strangest colors in mountain biking's pallet. AluGold doesn’t quite go with every outfit, though. You know what does? Black. Hard anodized black. And now, Renthal is finally giving it to die-hard fans of its alloy bars. of which there are plenty. Renthal has long maintained a strong offering in high-end alloy bars for anyone who still believes aluminum is real. And some of the updates to the Fatbar lineup go deeper than just electrolysis. 

Fatbar v2 – $85


The original 31.8-millimeter Fatbar got a complete redesign. Renthal refined its taperwall 7050 aluminum to drop its weight from 360 grams down to 315. It has even been widened out to 800 millimeters, and it still maintains the same strength and stiffness of the first generation Fatbar. Across the Fatbar and Fatbar 35 lineup, everything is still available in the same 10, 20, 30, and 40-millimeter rise configurations and still feature 7 degrees of backsweep and 5 degrees of upsweep. Oh, and the Fatbar is now available in hard-anodized black.

Fatbar Lite v2 – $85

The Fatbar Lite went through similar changes to the Fatbar for version 2, though Renthal reckoned it was light enough, so it stayed at 270 grams. It went from 740 millimeters to 760, and thanks to some minor structural adjustments, it maintains the same durability. And it also is now availavle in hard-anodized black.

Fatbar 35 – $85

The 35-millimeter clamp Fatbar 35 stays the same on the inside, weighing 305 grams and spreading 800 millimeters wide. And  in case you haven’t noticed a theme here, it now also comes in black.

Fatbar Lite 35 – $85

And not to be left out, the Fatbar Lite 35 comes in Black as well, and it hasn’t changed otherwise. It still maxes out at 760 millimeters wide and weighs an impressive 270 grams.


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