Gamin’s newest cycling computer has everything needed to keep Strava fiends satisfied and beginners on the trail. Ready for riding in any weather condition, the Edge 1030 features a 3.5-inch high-resolution touch panel display that is quick and responsive – even when wet or used with gloves. Pulling data from Gramin’s own Garmin Connect, the new Trendline technology installed on the Edge 1030 will giver riders suggestions for the best trails around, and once on the trail the pre-loaded maps will keep you there.

While riding, cyclists will receive elevation information, see points of interest and the built-in GPS, GLONASS and altimeter sensor capabilities also provide accurate ride data so cyclists know how far, fast, and high they’ve ridden. In conjunction with the ride data, the Edge 1030 will pair with the rider’s phone to alert of incoming texts and calls and will be able to respond to said communications with prewritten replies. For the worried friends and family, the new computer also has an incident detection system that will alert emergency contacts of the cyclists location if something goes wrong. If that isn’t enough, Garmin’s Grouptrack and Livetrack software will allow friends, family and other riders to track your position in real time.

Of course, these safety features can also be used to brag to your friends about just how fast you are. And there will be no denying how you stack up against the competition with Strava Live Segments. Displayed on screen, riders will be able to race against their personal best, be alerted of upcoming segments and receive second by second comparisons to their closest competitor while ignoring all trail etiquette. The Edge 1030 is also able to pair with Training Peaks and the Best Bike Split Race Sync app so riders can keep track of their daily workout plans and their current race times with the touch of a finger.