For 2018 PRO rebuilt their Griffon and Turnix mountain bike saddles. They had the technology. They made them better. Better than they were. Better, stronger, faster. Or maybe that’s just the Six Million Dollar Man talking.

Partnering with, PRO used results from a pressure mapping study on bike saddles to understand the different needs between a cross country rider versus a trail or enduro rider. What they came up with shows that trail riders end up in a more upright position than XC or road riders, and thus are putting more weight on the back of the saddle. Using this revelation, PRO took their Griffon and Turnix saddles and redeveloped them to better meet the needs of more aggressive bikes and riders.

Results from the test.

PRO broadened the nose and mid-sections of the Griffon and Turnix, added high-grip covers, and increased padding thickness– 2mm to the front, up to 5mm to the rear. According to PRO, the wider nose offers a more supportive platform to slide forward on when punching up a climb, while the wider middle improves handling and cornering stability. The rails of both saddles are corrosion-resistant INOX steel alloy and combined with the other changes, the Griffon weighs 216 grams and the Turnix 222.

The Griffon will be available January 2018 for $120. Photo: Irmo Keizer

So what’s the difference between the two? The Griffon has a flatter profile, narrower tail section and deeper side wall, while the Turnix has a contoured profile with a wider tail. According to PRO the shape of the Griffon is suited better to less flexible riders while the Turnix caters to the yogis of mountain biking. Both saddles will be available in 132, 142 and 152-millimeter widths and will feature accessory mounts on the back, allowing items such as race plates, fenders or cameras to be attached.

The Turnix saddle will also sell for $120 in January 2018.

Buying a saddle without ever sitting on it can be a risky proposition, so check out PRO’s online saddle selector to help you find the best one.