Preview: Norco’s new Aurum, Revolver and Sight bikes.

Details on Norco's latest trail bike, 29er and DH-race machine.

Norco’s new 200-millimeter Aurum DH Race bike. Price range (USD): $3,400 to $7,350. Headtube angle: 63.5 degrees, BB-height about 13.75 inches.

The Aurum is available in three sizes, which each use a different bottom bracket forging that has the suspension pivot in a slightly different spot to increase the chainstay length slightly from the small to medium to large sizes.

Fork stanchion bumpers on the hydro-formed head-tube area are a nice touch.

A low horst-pivot allows for a good bit of rearward wheel movement as the suspension moves through its 200 millimeters of travel. Norco claims this helps maintain forward momentum on square-edged hits and offers a good bit of anti-squat while on the gas.

Syntace’s X12 system uses a bolt designed to fail rather than the usual soft aluminum of most derailleur hangers. Norco cleverly includes an extra bolt (derailleur hanger) that threads into the frame for storage near the bottom bracket.

The Aurum also uses a sleek integrated seatpost clamp.

A short headtube allows for loads of front-end adjustments.

For more photos, some initial impressions or to discuss the Aurum check out the ridemonkey post here.

The 100-millimeter Revolver 29er. Price range (USD): $2,325 to $5,375.

A short headtube keeps the handlebars low and agressive.

The seat stays are wrapped around in front of the seat tube to provide maximum rear wheel travel without loosing stiffness.

Norco stands behind the Syntace X12 system, here again, with the replacement bolt.

Norco’s new 140-millimeter bike, the Sight. Price range (USD): $2,795 to $9,540.

Always a welcomed sight. The Norco comes equipped with dropper post hose routing.

The new Norcos have post-mount brake tabs.