Preview: NiteRider 2013 Light Lineup

Increased lumen output and lower pricing make for a consumer-friendly formula throughout Niterider's latest lineup.

The 2013 NiteRider product line has undergone some serious changes that will no doubt leave consumers happy. With the goal of increasing both output and value, Nitrider has been busy this past year. Major changes include the replacement of Niterider’s popular Cordless model line with the new Lumina series, a cordless USB-rechargeable light available with up to 650 lumens for just 140 dollars. Across the rest of the line, NiteRider has made improvements to just about every model while keeping it’s price the same, or even lowering it. How’s that for raising a certain finger at the ever-rising Consumer Price Index?

It’s not all that surprising though. As opposed to the most other cycling products, riding lights have been consistently been getting cheaper, while at the same time, increasing exponentially in performance.

Take our NiteRider review from our light test in June issue of Bike for example. We raved about the NiteRider 1500 Pro for it’s massive improvement over the previous year’s model--twice the output for roughly the same price.

And now, for 2013 it’s a similar story just one year later.

Pro Series

NiteRider’s flagship Pro 3000 LED light is replaced in 2013 with the Pro 3600, delivering 600 additional lumens with no increase in price. The Pro 1500 LED Race is replaced with the Pro 1800 and remains at $349 while the NiteRider MiNewt 750 Pro returns in 2013 with an all new handlebar light mount and a price reduction of $20.

Lumina Series

The Lumina will be available in three models: the 350, 500 and 650. The Lumina range is designed to be wireless, USB rechargeable, and reduce its mass by approximately 40% over its predecessor. Noticeably smaller and lighter, these lights deliver substantial output in a compact package, Which looks to make them a supremely versatile option for both urban and trail use. Pricing for the Lumina starts at $90 for the Lumina 350, $110 for the Lumina 500 and $140 for the Lumina 650. At those prices, the Lumina series represents one of the better lumen-per-dollar values on the market.

Commuter Series

The NiteRider commuter range also got a significant makeover for 2013, with their popular Mako headlight getting some significant upgrades under the hood. The light now sports a price range of $25-$65 with lumen outputs ranging from 100-200 lumens. Not bad for a light under $65 bucks.

The entire line will be available starting July 1, with product shipping early that month.

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