Preview: Fox’s Stealth Bomber Glove

A peak at Fox's new top-end leather riding gloves.

Fox’s new Stealth Bomber gloves look like they should be gripping the bars of a jet-black Ducati, but look as if they offer some serious breathability for a leather glove. They are made of 70% leather and have a nice soft snot wipe on the thumb. The outer palms have a rubbery slide guard to prevent them from getting torn up when you need to bail. Protecting the knuckles and fingers is a flexible, impact-absorbing foam padding, which Fox claims will absorb 90 percent of energy when hit at “high strain rates”–that sounds better than a busted knuckle to us.

The Stealth Bombers retail for $65. They aren’t cheap, but they look like they’ll last through a few crashes and then some.

Check out the Stealth Bomber and the rest of Fox’s Spring line at