If you’ve been riding long enough to remember when dropper posts entered our lives, you remember the hesitation we all felt. A component that used to last a lifetime suddenly just might give up mid-season. And many did. Of course, we all dove in ass-first anyway, but it was a gamble back then. Droppers still don’t last forever, but they’ve gotten far better. Plus, you can replace a cartridge here or there, refresh the bushings or, worst case, take advantage of warranties that have generally caught up to match the dropper post’s newfound longevity.

And in its wake, dropper service and support has left some brands with a steady supply of used but not useless posts and parts. On top of that, choosing the right dropper is tougher than other components. People often end up with the wrong post and need to exchange them. PNW has decided to do something with all of it. Today, they’re launching PNW Cycled, a program that sells factory-refurbished droppers for 40 percent off of retail. And on the other end of that, owners of existing PNW posts can send them in for a 20-percent discount on a new PNW post.



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