It tells the time.

It tells the time.

Bertucci A-2T Original Classics Field Watch

Price: $110

Watches are stupid. Most of them are heavy, uncomfortable, bulky things that sit there on your wrist and weigh it down. And for what? Just to tell you what time of day it is? No thanks, I’ll pass. Maybe they were useful 15 years ago before we all carried cell phones in our pockets, but nowadays watches are basically nothing more than jewelry. I’m not the kind of guy who wears “accessories” to pull my look together, and I don’t care about status symbols, so that pretty much rules out watches for me.

Or so I thought. When I saw this watch, I instantly wanted it. Its simple, clean look and rugged nature lured me in, and now I’m hooked. I kind of feel like Captain Obvious here, but it sure is nice having the time right there on your wrist. What a novel idea.

The best part about the A-2T is that I get to leave my phone in the car on rides. I can look at the time without noticing all the emails piling up–the very thing I am on the trail to escape. This is the beauty of something that does only one thing. Since all it does is tell the time and date, it’s nice and thin. The 40-millimeter face diameter is a respectable size, unlike so many of today’s watches that look as if they were made for Andre the Giant in “The Princess Bride.” Plus, it’s made out of solid titanium, making it comfortably lightweight. The nylon strap follows through with the simple look of the watch, and remains comfortable in wet or dry conditions. It doesn’t get sweaty and gross like rubber, or gouge like metal, so it’s perfect for riding. All this adds up to me not even noticing the thing is there until I find myself wondering what the hell time it is.

Though it’s simple, the A-2T has some nice details that I appreciate. First, there are no pins for the strap. Instead, the band is one piece that is woven through loops built into the body of the watch, so there are fewer parts to futz around with and break. In addition, the setting knob is out of the way at 4 o’clock and actually locks down via course threads, preventing accidental adjustment.

No wonder wrist watches have been around for hundreds of years. They’re actually quite useful.