The Oiz first hit markets 12 years ago. XC has changed a lot since then. So has the Oiz. Today, that evolution continues. There a few things happening with the new XC machine from Orbea, including the fact that it is actually two xc machines. The bike is available as either a 100-millimeter racehorse, or a 120-millimeter trail rig. And every model is, of course, completely customizable through Orbea’s MyO.

Orbea’s linkage is designed to allow for running a shallow sag. In this case, Orbea claims less sag allows for firmer pedaling while still allowing for full travel when needed. Through the first three-quarters of the shock’s stroke, the leverage curve is progressive, but once you pass that three-quarter mark, it reverses course to swallow bigger hits. The shock’s damping, instead of the frame’s kinematics, is there to handle harsh bottom-outs.

Orbea has also done a clever sizing trick. Small frames get small wheels. All additional Oiz frame sizes will also be available with 29-inch wheels.

Suspension and wheel-size are important, but it’s the details that make this an appealing bike. The Oiz has internally routed cables—including the shock lockout. There are zero external cables on the front triangle. This is important for two reasons. One: it looks great. Two: it makes room for two bottle cages inside the front triangle on Medium through XL sizes. Yes, you read that right—two bottles. The bike is also dropper compatible and 1X specific.

And now, let’s do the numbers:

The chart above is for the 100-millimeter Oiz. The 120-millimeter has a 68-degree head angle and a 74-degree seat-tube angle.

The Oiz will start at $5,000 for the M10 build and go all the way up to $8,300 for the M-LTD build. Find all the build specs, or customize your own, here.