Sunglasses are sunglasses, right? Wrong. Finding the right sunglasses is like finding the your soulmate. Especially when riding is involved. They need to be comfortable all day, they need to promote airflow, they need to avoid fogging, they need to filter the sun and, depending on your preference, they need to look good. Arguably the most important of those features for mountain biking is keeping the air flowing and the lenses from fogging. Sunglasses sit right where your body would normally be radiating a lot of heat. Putting a windshield in the way doesn’t help. But Oakley thinks it came up with a solution.

The Field Jacket.

Both the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket feature the Oakley Advancer. That orange tongue protruding from the nosepiece and reaching toward they sky is the Oakley Advancer. Grab that tongue, flip it down and it will retract back into the sunglasses, pushing the lenses away from the nosepiece in the process. The contact between face and nosepiece doesn’t change, but the distance between face and lens does, making more space for air to come in under the glasses and out the top, whisking away perspiration with it.

The Flight Jacket also features a frameless top to further promote the movement of air. The Field Jacket has a full frame and works with prescription lenses. Both sunglasses are available now with the Flight Jacket starting at $203 and the Field Jacket from $223.

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