North American Handmade Bike Show Highlights

A few bikes that we liked at the NAHBS.

Bike magazine was on the floors of the North American Hand Made Bike Show. Here are some of the more interesting bikes and products that we saw:

Ritchey P-29er

Tom Ritchey has been building and designing bike for 40 years--that's a resume that's hard to beat.


Bummer, we'd like this one for ourselves. Luckily with Soulcraft's new Tradesman production model, owning a Soulcraft is more attainable than ever, with lower prices than Soulcraft's full-custom offerings. The frame-only price for the Tradesman is $1,450.

Black Cat

We featured Black Cat in our March issue, although our test bike wasn't equipped with this beautiful rack. Can you say backwoods epic?


Yes, this really is a full-carbon, 29er, Di2-equipped tandem. Oh and that's a double-crowned White Brothers Loop fork if you were wondering. Weight? 34 pounds.


It wouldn't be the North American Handmade Bike Show without lugs. Lots of lugs.


Tony Pereira on winning Best Mountain Bike: "I better tweet this."


Builder Joseph Ahearne, in addition to offering beautiful fully-custom bikes, offers custom flasks as well. This fatbike is clearly equipped for the long haul.


An inside look at what makes Fulcrum hubs tick–literally.


Chris King makes some lovely components, so why not make a bike to house them? The Cielo brand is yet another Chris King masterpiece.

Independent Fabrication

Color-match a cantaloupe and, quite literally, this is what you get. Independent Fabrication was inspired by a cantaloupe for this paint job, and, as it turns out, the cantaloupe paint was a stock color from a Mack truck catalogue. Go figure.


(Trade) Show Dog

Form Fatso

Combine a traditional fatbike with front and rear squish and titanium construction and you get the Form Fatso. Form ingeniously used Cannondale's Lefty fork design to accommodate the Fatso's enourmous tires. A pivotless rear-suspension design adds a bit more cushion as well.

Funk La Ruta

Funk's La Ruta is a bit funky. But, with a pivotless rear suspension design that provides 80mm of travel and titanium tubing, there's no arguing with its impressive 21.25 pound weight.