SRAM Gets All Fat

New X9 and X5 cranks are engineered to mesh with fat bikes

By Vernon Felton

Fat bikes—they're either the coolest thing on earth or the dumbest trend to ever waddle its way through the back door of the party. Truth be told, not a whole lot of folks have acutally ridden a fat bike, but that hasn't stopped them from forming firm convictions on the greatness/lameness of fat bikes.

The folks at SRAM, however, are clearly erring on the "Yay!" side of the debate, as evidenced by the recent announcement that the company is now offering two new fat-friendly cranksets.

The extra wide (100-milllimeter) spindle keeps tires and chains from rubbing up on one another and ruining the rad-ness of bikes equipped with John Deere-grade tires.

The fat bike-compatible X9 and X5-level cranks sport 100-millimeter wide spindles have dedicated 36/22 double chainrings. The wide spindle should eliminate the tire-on-chain rub that plagues many fat bikes. Price? You're looking at $169 for the X5 crank and GXP bottom bracket or $314 for the X9 crank and GXP bb.