By Vernon Felton

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 650B is coming whether you’re ready for it or not. Of course, in the past few months it suddenly became known as 27.5-inch or just “27.5”, which is sort of annoying, but actually makes more intuitive sense than the old “650B” nomenclature.

But I digress: there’ll be more 27.5 bikes in 2013 than ever before. The Euros are jumping on the bigger-wheel bandwagon and since every proud citizen of the EU carries a digital scale with them wherever they go, they are loving the idea that 27.5 offers better rollover than 26er wheels with fewer grams than 29ers.

Fork and wheel manufacturers are rushing to meet the predicted demand and RockShox is right there in the thick of it with 27.5-compatible SID and Reba models, which the company claims are not simply re-badged 26er or 29er forks. Both new fork lines boast completely new chassis, optimized for the new(ish) wheel size. To that end, both the 27.5 SID and Reba will possess specific crown offsets, unique crown clearances and dedicated lower legs.

The new 27.5 SID will come in four flavors and (as with the Reba) reportedly boasts a chassis optimized for 27.5-inch wheels.

The SID is, not surprisingly, aimed at the go-fast, XC set. For 2013, there will be four models available with 120mm-travel: RL and RLT (with PushLoc remote option), XX with the hydraulic XLoc remote, as well as the three-position RCT3.

The 2013 Reba 27.5" will be available with 120mm travel in two damping models, RL and RLT, with optional cable-actuated PushLoc lock-out remote.

RockShox predicts that the new 27.5 forks will be available in December and that you can expect to pay between $820 and $888 for the SID 27.5 and around $673 for the Reba 27.5.