New Products from Genuine Innovation

New race packages, revamped Proflate Elite and a 20-gram CO2 mountain bike cartridge.

Whether you are a weekend ripper or a pro racer there is no faster way to fix then with a blast of CO2. Genuine Innovation has been at the forefront of CO2 inflator technologies for quite some time now, and it appears the company has been working hard lately with its launch of a few new products.

Check them:
Proflate Elite

Genuine Innovations announces the release of the new and improved Proflate Elite. The Proflate Elite is now compatible with more cartridges: 12-gram threaded, 16-gram threaded and non threaded, the new FAT 20 (see below) and 25-gram threaded (Not for use with 12-gram nonthreaded or BigAir!).

The Proflate Elite is a cupped CO2 inflator with a built in dirt/water cover, a spring loaded pop-out pressure indicator (indicating the presence of a pressureized cartridge) and a cartridge cup lock system, which is automatically activated when a charged CO2 cartridge is in place. This lightweight (only 55 grams), easy to use inflator, allows one hand operation for both Presta and Schrader valves.

FAT 20 Cartridges:

This 20-gram threaded CO2 cartridge is pumps more air than 16-gram cartridges and costs less than the 25-gram cartridges or BigAir!, making it ideal for MTB riders.

Here are the 20-gram cartridge inflation specs:
29er 29 x 2.1 – 43PSI
MTB 26" x 2.4 – 32PSI
MTB 26" x 1.95 – 2 tires-24PSI
Cross 700 x 35c – 75PSI
Road 700 x 23c – 2 tires- 80PS

Race Day Kits

The new kits come with the redesigned Air Chuck Elite and a newly-designed X-Mount, mounting system. The Race Day Road Kit comes packaged with two black 16-gram threaded CO2 Cartridges, while the Race Day MTB Kit is packaged with one Big Air! Canister.

Our new X-Mount easily fits anywhere on your bike and velcros down to secure any of our inflators and cartridges in place, always ready for use.