New Components from Straitline

Straitline shows us its new pedals, chainrings and prototype hydraulic gyro.

Straitline Components showed us some of its new and prototype products at Crankworx.

The first thing Straitline showed us was its new All Mountain Products (AMP) flat pedal, which is claimed to weigh in at just 330 grams. The front outside edge has been machined at an angle to minimize pedal impacts with the ground.

The pedals use the same bearing and axle styles as Straitline’s standard Platform Pedals. Straitline says they are marketing them as an all-mountain pedal, but they can take the abuse of a downhill pedal.

The AMP pedals may not be the thinest out there, but if they are like Straitline’s other pedals they will easy to service and quite durable.

Color choices for Straitline’s AMP pedals.

Straitline’s new Race Rings are made of a hard-anodized 7075 Aluminum for maximum anti-wear properties. Hard anodizing limits color choices though, so you get what you see.

Straitline has also been working on a hydraulic gyro system with Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk and Mike Montgomery. Here’s a prototype on Semenuk’s Crankworx slopestyle rig.

Additionally, some of Straitline’s new components are being featured in an episode of the new Edge Factor video series. Check out the trailer:
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