The Whyte T-130’s sleek carbon frame caught our eye, its modern yet reasonable geometry piqued our interest, its neutral and playful do-everything ride hooked us in and its competitive $4,000 price tag sealed the deal. This was our first time on a Whyte but after this introduction, it won’t be our last.

What particularly stood out on the T-130C was that nothing in particular stood out. Like a lighter-duty, lighter-touch Norco Sight, it does nearly everything well, which makes it a departure from mischief-minded little bikes like the Evil Calling or rock-gobblers like the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt. The long front end made it comfortable at high speeds, but the conservative head angle didn’t demand them. The long front center also mitigated the ultra-short rear center, so it’s not only out there to play. It’s out there to do what you want to do.