It was first brought to our attention that Fezzari is in fact not an Italian soda maker when the Utah-based brand sent us a La Sal Peak for the 2019 Bible. The bike’s polarizing silhouette may have been the butt of a few jokes, but it shut us up pretty quickly once we rode it. The consumer-direct brand’s bikes have continued to impress, even as we’ve learned to take them seriously—the shorter-travel Signal Peak we tested at the 2020 Bible was a solid follow-up to the La Sal Peak, striking the right mix of quickness and progression.

Fezzari is adding a new bike to its lineup this season: The Delano Peak. It’s a 135-rear, 150-front, do-it-all 29er aimed at those who want to cash bigger checks than the Signal Peak can afford, but still plan to do time on some less-aggressive terrain where the La Sal Peak would be overkill. Aesthetically, the Delano Peak is a good step forward for Fezzari: Gone is the kinked top tube that gave the La Sal its unique silhouette, but the frame also has a more modern shape compared to the taller-, more traditional-looking Signal Peak.

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