The Rocky Mountain Instinct is meaner than other bikes in its category. It’s like a backcountry marathoner with an axe to grind. And if that’s the case, the BC Edition Instinct is the axe. It’s meant to hit harder and faster than the versatility-minded regular Instinct. Rocky gives the BC treatment to a few of its models, and it’s usually reserved just for the highest-end price points—perfect example would be Ryan Palmer’s pick in our October, 2017, Dream Builds issue.

The new Instinct Alloy BC Edition marks a departure from that. The punch packed in its $3,700 price point consists of performance-level DPX2 and 36 Grip suspension, Race Face AR30 rims and Truvativ Descendant cranks. Like its higher-end carbon cousin, the Instinct Alloy 50 floats on 155 millimeters of rear travel and 160 up front, as opposed to the 140/140 matched chassis of the traditional Alloy 50. It also skips Rocky’s Ride 9 Rubix-Cube-ian geometry flip chips for a simpler, single-position swinglink that nets you a 65.9-degree head angle and a 74.4-degree seat angle.

The Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition is now available in real brick-and-mortar bike shops everywhere, not just in B.C.

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