Cut to 2 minutes to see the Nicolai Ion 20 in action:

Germany-based Nicolai Bikes are coming into the U.S through a new company-owned distributor.

In an interview with Red Bull, Kalle Nicolai, founder of Nicolai Bikes, said, “Our goal is to make riding better and riding products better and not just by putting a better decal on-we want better technology.”

Nicolai Bikes is known for its belt drives, gear boxes and other cutting-edge technologies.

The latest bike to join the Nicolai fleet is the 8-inch-travel Ion 20. It comes equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive and the Effigear gearbox, which reportedly provides a durable and low-maintenance gravity machine that eliminates chain slap and provides higher-ground clearance without the worry of ripping off your derailleur.

The new Nicolai Ion 20 features the Effigear and Gates Carbon Drive.

The new Nicolai Ion 20 features the Effigear and Gates Carbon Drive.

The Nicolai Ion 16, a 160-millimeter enduro bike, has been extremely popular and “responds immediately; every single push on the pedals results in acceleration,” according to a press release issued by Nicolai.

Nicolai’s gearbox bikes have also been popular. The Helios AC sports 138 or 150 millimeters of rear travel and weighs around 12 kilograms (26.7 pounds).

The innovative technology of Nicolai Bikes is rooted in its relationship with Gates Carbon Drive, which has a successful history in high-horsepower motorcycles and dragsters. This high-performance technology has been applied to the CenterTrack belt. Made in the U.S., the 11-millimeter pitch, carbon-fiber belt is said to be stronger and more efficient than a traditional bike chain and comes with a unique sprocket design, and a choice of internally-geared or single-speed applications.

Nicolai has also launched the world’s first gear-driven fat bike, the Argon FAT Pinion 2014.

More information can be found at Nicolai Bikes.