Pivot Announces New Mach 6

Same Travel, New Geometry

Featured Photo: Lear Miller

When the first Mach 6 was released it was leading the charge in enduro bike travel and geometry. But over the years, that tried and true model has become outdated and was in need of an update to keep up with the industry. Said update has arrived with carbon and aluminum options, along with a full XS to XL size range.

Photo Credit: Lear Miller
The new Mach 6 Carbon will be available in Aqua Blue or Silver.

The new Mach 6 looks similar to the rest of the Pivot catalog, but don’t be deceived, the frames are all new. For the carbon frame, Pivot used its “hollow core internal molding” to reach what it claims is the same stiffness and durability found in its downhill bike the Phoenix. The new Mach 6 won’t pedal like a downhill bike though. With the well-known dw-link and new EnduroMax bearings in the linkage, Pivot promises class-leading pedaling performance. The aluminum frame got the same upgrades, with the only difference being external cable routing, with the exception of the dropper.

Photo Credit: Lear Miller
The Mach 6 Aluminum comes in Red or Black.


The bike’s rear suspension keeps the same 155 millimeters of travel, but up front it can now take a 160- or 170-millimeter fork. And if customizing bikes is your thing, both carbon and aluminum models have 12 different build options and two colors, and start at an affordable $4,000 for aluminum all the way up to $10,400 for the top-tier carbon model.

Pivot Product  65
Photo Credit: Lear Miller
Bearings all around.

The big updates came to the geometry though. Using size-specific numbers, Pivot has lengthened medium through XL sizes, while keeping small and XS sizes more compact. This means there are lots of numbers to look at, so if you want to drop down the rabbit hole, head over to Pivot’s website for the full details. As you might have guessed though, the bikes got longer and slacker. Looking at the size large, Pivot’s previous iteration of the Mach 6 had a reach of 414 millimeters and 66.25 degree head angle. The new model adds a whopping 46 millimeters to the reach, bringing it up to 460, and the head angle drops to 65.8 degrees. Chainstays are a short 430 millimeters and the seat tube angle has also gotten steeper, from 71.8 degrees to 73 or 74 degrees depending on size.

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