Mongoose Khyber Super

Mongoose Khyber Super

Mongoose Khyber Super

Price: $3,500

Range for Model: $2,300 – $3,500

Weight: 35.4 lbs

Component highlights:
+ Hammerschmidt crankset
+ KS Cobra adjustable seatpost

Thanks to its white-as-snow color scheme, the 2010 Mongoose Khyber Super stood out among our all-mountain test-bikes line up. It was a great looking ride, and our testers were eager to see if the Goose could backup its flashy exterior.

On the trail, the Khyber delivered. It has a low center of gravity and roomy cockpit—the bike felt comfortable from the first pedal stroke. It uses Mongoose's unique FreeDrive system, a suspension platform that received both high and low marks.

The system offers amazing pedal efficiency with very little pedal bob. The Khyber was a strong, efficient climber, but floated over square-edge hits thanks to the unique linkage design. Up front a RockShox Lyrik with U-turn travel adjust kept the head angle in check. Lowering the front end only added to the bike's climbing competence.

The FreeDrive system, however, performed less capably over small bumps. The bike felt a little harsh on rough sections filled with small, consecutive hits. It also felt less active while pedaling though rocky terrain than some other all-mountain bikes tested. It wasn't until the bike encountered larger hits that the Freedrive came to life.

The Khyber features SRAM's Hammerschmidt, which delivered crisp and immediate shifting throughout the test. The Khyber does have an interrupted seat-tube, but comes with an adjustable Kind Shock seatpost.

With great geometry, great climbing and great looks, the Khyber stood out, on the trail and off.

Bottom line: A great climber with playful geometry that also excels at hucking