We’re a good six years into the revolution that overthrew the long-reigning frame-geometry paradigm. Long, low and slack didn’t used to be household names in frame design. Spanish brand, Mondraker, fired some of the first shots so, naturally, we were pretty stoked when its bikes finally made it to the U.S. late last year. Among them was the Foxy. The do-it-all 150-millimeter front- and rear-travel offering is the embodiment of aggressive trail. And that Foxy we tested during the last Bible of Bike Tests was even longer and just as slack as its big brother, the Dune, Mondraker’s enduro offering. The 27.5-inch wheel Foxy that we first met is a high-velocity yet high-precision tool. Its long, forgiving geometry clearly has an appetite for speed, but the rest of it is aimed at precision. On top of its 27.5-inch wheels, its Zero Suspension linkage tended more toward supportive than supple, and thus more to steez than to softness.

That’s what divided some of us when we tested the Foxy at the Bible. That supportiveness suited ultra-aggressive riders, but cost the bike the small-bump sensitivity of similar platforms like the Canyon Spectral or the Rocky Mountain Altitude. All of us agreed, that a set of 29-inch wheels might offer the best of both worlds. Et, voila!

The new Foxy 29 is more aggressive than the Foxy we know in a couple ways. First and (quite literally) foremost is that the bigger-wheeled bike also comes with a bigger fork, upped to 160 millimeters, paired with 150 millimeters in the back. And that fork happens to feature a 44-millimeter offset, which is something we’re seeing more of these days. The concept happens to make quite a bit of sense in conjunction with Mondraker’s penchant for ultra-short stems and long wheelbases.

And of course, there’s the 29-inch wheels, which put the chainstays at 435 millimeters—the same as that of the Foxy 27.5 when in its long setting, an adjustment the Foxy 29 doesn’t offer.

Mondraker offers the new Foxy in three build kits. You can get into one with Fox Performance-level suspension and GX eagle drivetrain for $5,400, or you could go nuts with the coil-sprung Pro model for $9,400.

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