Words: Ryan LaBar
Photos: Joseph Espiritu

Over the past weekend at the second race in Fontana’s Winter Series Bike got a peak at some new stuff coming out of Morewood’s South African HQ.

The Izimu has a neat feature packed into its single pivot suspension. The pivot is actually eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the bike’s bottom bracket height and chainstay length. See video below.

Here are the absolute adjustment numbers for the Izimu:
Head angle: +/- ½°
Bottom bracket height: +/- 7mm
Wheelbase: +/- 6mm

Morewood is also making the final tweaks on its Split Pivot bike, the Sukuma.

The lower shock mount and the main pivot are one in the same–this makes for a simpler, stronger main frame (less welds).

The rear wheel is bolted on via a Maxle through axle so it should be plenty stiff.

A one piece rocker link ought to further stiffen things up too.

The bike will also come with a tapered head tube. Sweet headbadge too.

Bike also got a look at Spank’s new Oozy bar. The 700-millimeter wide bar will come in three rises (5, 15 and 30 millimeters).

The bar is made from a Zirconium Doped Alloy. The bars’ bend is created with a CNC process rather than by a bending machine, which we are told is a rather unique process.