Through much of Europe, tubeless sealant is widely referred to as “milk.” Whether that makes actual milk less appetizing is up to you. But you can’t say it doesn’t make sense, especially considering the concept behind Swiss brand, milKit’s innovative system for seating tires and checking the status of your sealant. Their unique valve and syringe can suckle old fluid out of your tires and replace it with clean, fresh milk.

And their new concept, which recently achieved its Kickstarter goal, is just as clever. Booster-style floor pumps are the perfect way to seat tubeless tires if you don’t have access to a compressor, but what if you don’t have access to a booster-style floor pump? If you need to seat a tire on the trail, you may only have as many attempts as you have C02 cartridges. But not if you have a milKit Booster.

The concept is simple. Using any floor or hand pump, inflate the Booster aluminum bottle up to 160 PSI, and it can be used essentially like a CO2 inflator. The bottle is available in 20-ounce or 34-ounce sizes, and milKit claims either will be sufficient to seat a 29-inch tire. And they won’t necessarily be wasted space. Because they store air, not sealant, they’re a clean and practical way to store extra water on your ride. MilKit even makes a hose attachment to use the bottle like a hydration pack bladder, though the 20 ounce size will fit in a bottle cage.

There’s still no word on U.S. pricing, but the Swiss brand already has distribution channels locked down in the states, so the Boosters will be coming ashore soon.

Check out the Kickstater Campaign here