The tubeless-tire system has become almost perfect in the last few years. Almost. It’s still a pain to remove and replace sealant and seat tires. Milkit’s Compact system seems to fix that. Dare I say, milkit has dropped the almost, leaving only perfection.

This little piggy went to market while this little valve might just change your life.

The system is based around a normal Presta valve with one important addition. On the bottom, milKit added a rubber gasket acting as a one-way valve. Air goes in but can’t come out. What does this do? It means you can install the valve, take out the valve core, inflate your tire, and it will hold air … without the valve core. Not having a valve core means a higher rate of air-flow, which makes seating tires much easier.

The syringe also acts as a compact carrying system for extra valves and a valve-core tool.

To remove old sealant, make sure your milKit valve is in the 6 o’clock, downward-most position. The one-way valve works in conjunction with a large syringe screwed onto a thin plastic applicator tube. With your tire inflated, remove the valve core and place the thin applicator tube within the valve, inserting deeply enough to push open the one-way rubber gasket and allow the tube to bottom out against the base of the tire. Instead of air coming out, the pressure of the tire pushes the old sealant out. Unscrew the syringe from the tube and discard of the old sealant. Fill the syringe with new sealant, screw the tube back on and push the new sealant in—all while maintaining tire inflation. No mess, no fuss, no clogged valve cores and no reseating tires. The Compact kit comes with two valves (available in 35 millimeters, 55 millimeters or 75 millimeters), one syringe, one valve-core tool and some rim stickers. The kit is $65.

The big and little booster double as metal water bottles, and come with water bottle tops.

MilKit also has a new product called the Booster. It can work as an on-the-go compressor or a water bottle. Available in 20 oz or 34 oz options, the Booster is simply a metal water bottle that comes with an extra top. The extra top has a male Presta valve on it and a female Presta fitment, which allows users to hand pump air air into the empty water bottle, compressing up to 160 psi. Once the bottle is filled with air, the Booster’s female Presta fitment can be attached to a wheel’s awaiting Presta valve, blasting air within the tire. At higher pressures, it takes a fraction of a second to take a tire from unseated and flat to seated and inflated. Here is a video explanation of milKit’s Compact system, used in conjunction with one of milKit’s one-way valves.

Convinced? I am. This is a life changing event. Screw the new bikes, I want this. Find out more here.