Matt Hunter signs with Fox Racing Shox


Long-time friend of Bike magazine and 2010's Photo Annual cover rider, Matt Hunter has just signed with Fox Racing Shox. "Fox is a real suspension company. They're super product guys who get it right," says Hunter. "They’re always finding ways to improve their suspension and that’s a really good thing for guys like me."

Also good for Hunter is Fox's support for his passion for filming. "They're fully behind my love for filming and photo projects and started lining up shoots for me before the ink even dried on the contract," Hunter said.

By no means is Fox getting the short end of the deal. The company prides itself on the amount of R&D work it does with its athletes and Fox can definitely trust Hunter to put their suspension products to the test, given his gravity-defying style of riding.

"Hunter's talent and passion for the sport is as big as the air he catches," said Mark Fitzsimmons, Mountain Bike Race Manager at FOX. "We're all very excited to have him join the FOX Racing Shox family."

FOX has wasted no time putting Hunter to work; his first filming projects begin this month, so look out for some new footage of Hunter and a crew of his new FOX Racing Shox teammates in the very near future.