Marin Bikes 2012

Revised Quad-Link Design Features Prominently in Marin's Latest Lineup

Marin has entered 2012 with some noteworthy changes, the most key being the latest update to their quad-link suspension design. Quad 3.0, as it’s being called, changes the position of the linkage entirely, allowing for more tuneable leverage ratios and rear-wheel arc throughout the bike’s travel.

Admittedly though, these improvements weren’t exactly the predominant impetus behind Quad 3.0. The repackaged linkage now allows itself to be carried over to 29-inch platforms whereas the previous iterations created some fitment issues in doing so.

Fittingly then, we now see the introduction of the Rift Zone 29er with the revised quad-link design for 2012.

The Rift Zone XC7 features an SLX/XT build and a $2900 price tag.

The Rift Zone packs 100 millimeters of travel front and rear, and will be available in two alloy and two carbon models, ranging from $2,000 for the alloy Rift Zone XC 6 to $5300 for the carbon Rift Zone T3 XC 9. Head angle across the lineup is 70.5 degrees.

Quad 3.0, going where no Marin quad-link has gone before: 29ers.

Marin’s capable 140-millimeter, 67.5-degree head angle “do-anything” bike, the Mount Vision XM, gets the Quad 3.0 treatment as well. A carbon model, the T3 XM 8 is also in the works for early 2012 featuring Marin’s T3 tube-to-tube construction process. The Mount Vision XM starts at $2100 for the XM 6, and climbs up to $4000 for the carbon T3 XM 8, which seems to us a pretty good bargain.

Some food for thought: The longest stem Marin specs on the Mount Vision is 80-millimeters.

We were glad to see that Marin has adopted all stainless steel pivot hardware, and a switch to T-25 means less stripped hardware.

The Quad 3.0 design uses cross braces to preserve the stiffness of the old design.