With the new XC focused X-Track, LOOK set out to make a pedal that was durable, lightweight and powerful. To do this they first looked at the contact surface. Testing different sizes, they found a larger contact surface produces more power, but adds more weight. Working with this information, LOOK’s engineers found where the most important contact areas for power transfer are, and took out the rest, coming up with a 515-square-millimeter platform.

LOOK also claims this wider surface area acts as a guide when clipping into the pedal, for easier and faster interfacing.

The aluminum model will be available in red or dark gray.

The spindle of the pedal is waterproof with seals on both ends and is chromoly on all models except the Carbon TI, which has a titanium spindle. All have gone through an extensive rotational test of two million cycles at 100 rounds per minute with a 90 kilogram load.

The X-Track will be available in four different XC models. The budged X-Track, made with aluminum and a slightly smaller contact surface will sell for $60 and weighs in at 190 grams. One step up is the X-Track Race with the full 515-millimeter contact surface and composite materials bringing the weight down to 180 grams for $100. Next up is the X-Track Race Carbon, which is made with carbon and weighs 175 grams for $140. Last but not least is the X-Track Race Carbon TI, a mix of carbon and titanium to drop the weight all the way down to 150 grams and the price all the way up to $290. The pedal will be available for purchase in November.

X-Track Rage and Rage Plus

The X-Track Rage, unlike its name would suggest, is not just for angry people. Mad or happy, the Rage is designed for enduro and trail riders as opposed to the XC focused X-Track model. The rage model has a protective platform around the pedal and maximizes grip with textured contact points on either side. The Rage features a 63-millimeter contact width while the Rage Plus is 67 millimeters wide. The Rage will sell for $85 and the Plus will retail for $140. Both will be available in March 2018.