My dog hates my hitch rack. He paces back and forth every time we’re getting in the car, looking for the angle of attack that will allow him to get into the trunk without hitting the rack.

Küat’s Pivot attachment wouldn’t be particularly helpful in my case, since Darby would almost certainly refuse to go anywhere near the car after seeing the rack swing away, but it might be just right for folks with less-neurotic dogs, or no dogs but lots of groceries, or both.

Kuat Pivot

Folks with 1.5-inch receivers can stop reading here, since this item is only compatible with 2-inch hitches. The Pivot is essentially an adapter that plugs into your vehicle’s hitch receiver in place of your rack. Your rack then attaches to the Pivot’s receiver. Küat obviously would prefer that you use it with their racks, but it’s compatible with any 2-inch hitch rack.

Kuat Pivot

The Pivot secures with both a threaded pin and a latch. The latch is the primary closure, and the threaded pin allows the user to immobilize the hinge while the Pivot is open. Three brass bushings keep the hinge swinging smoothly.

The Pivot’s 250-pound weight limit covers the heft of a typical hitch rack plus four bikes. It’ll retail for $300 when it hits the market in June.

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