KS Unveils the Lev—Its New-Generation Dropper Post

New features to bolster reliability and functionality.

By Brice Minnigh
Photos by JP Van Swae

Kind Shock, a leader in dropper-post innovation, has unveiled its new offering—named the 'Lev'—with refined functionality that promises a pragmatic solution to common dropper-post problems.

The new post features several key modifications to the company's popular 'Supernatural' seatpost, ushering in a product designed to be both reliable and versatile.

One of the main modifications is a fixed cable-anchor system designed to prevent the cable behind the seatpost from tapping your heel or buzzing against your rear tire when you bottom out your shock on all the little three-foot drops on your local trail.

The post is also designed to rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to be set to wherever the cable guides are on a given frame and making the post compatible with a wide range of mountain bikes.

The Lev also features the company's patented, one-way roller-bearing system, which hinges upon a roller clutch inside the post that releases as it slides up and down, re-adjusting when the post is in the locked position. This is designed to prevent the side-play that occurs in some dropper posts after extended usage.

Adding to the Lev's versatility is the sheer range of seatpost diameters and travel lengths in which it will be available. The post will be sold in the usual diameters of 30.9 and 31.6, but will also be available in a 27.2.

The Lev will be available with travel lengths of 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

Another tried-and-true feature of the Supernatural that is being carried over to the Lev is the ODI-compatible remote, which allows the clamp to be easily slid into the lock-on collar of ODI grips. This simple and pragmatic feature has been a favorite of Bike magazine journalists, who have benefitted from being able to quickly transfer the post from one bike to another during back-to-back testing of bikes.

The Lev, which is available now, will retail for $395.

The Lev uses the same ODI-compatible activation lever as on other KS models. The action on this is smooth and it is compatible with any cockpit setup we can think of.

The cable stop, fixed to the base of the post, can be anywhere within a 360-degree range.

The air pressure of the Lev can be adjusted via an air valve at the top of the seatpost's head.