Interbike: Rolf Prima Ralos Mountain Bike Wheels

Rolf Prima is making mountain wheels again.

After a long absence from the mountain bike world, Rolf Prima is back. The company, which is famous for its paired-spoke lacing patterns, rolled out its new Ralos XC/trail wheels at Interbike. These hoops will be available in both a 26-inch and 29-inch version (the Ralos6 and Ralos9 respectively).

The Ralos9 wheelset, shown here, tips the scales at a reasonable 1630-grams (claimed). Both the front and rear wheels sport 24 spokes and are disc brake compatible only. For maximum quality, Rolf Prima had its (Rolf Prima-disigned) hubs manufactured by White Industries and its rims by Stan’s NoTubes. The Ralos9 wheelset should retail for $900.