Remote Switch |$50 – $230

The simple button functions the same as the one on the light.

The difference in run time between most lights' "high" and "low" settings is pretty significant. It's almost as significant as the difference between ambling through the woods in the dark and flowing through them on your own magic carpet of soft white light. That's why, making the most of the night usually means switching between modes as the trail demands it. Problem is, that means letting go of a grip to click through to the desired brightness. Lezyne's new alternative is the Remote Switch. Compatible with its Super Drive, Macro Drive, Lite Drive and Micro Drive Pro lights, the Remote Switch connects your light with a button that sits next to your thumb, so you can keep your fingers closed and your eyes open.

Multi Drive | $170

Small, bright and with burn time to keep you out way past your bedtime.

Today's self-contained lights have become so powerful that we’ve forgotten that, not long ago, the only adequate options ran on separate battery packs. But that setup never went away. In fact, it's lightened and shrank, along with all other tech items in our lives. The 1000-lumen Multi Drive will give you 3 hours on full blast or will do 5:30 at half-power. It goes all the way down to 150 lumens to get you 18 hours of run time, perfect for northern winter epics. The battery weighs 200 grams, the light stack’s 142 grams and it comes with a helmet mount. It works on a GoPro-style interface, though, so you may already have what you need to mount it up and go loudly into that good night.

Torque Drive | $50

Cute as a button, and just as functional.

There are so many cute little torque wrenches out there, but this one might be the cutest. Made of sleek black aluminum, Lezyne's trade dress, the Torque Drive aims to be a more comfortable and versatile way to safely snug your screws. It can measure forces of between 2 and 9 Newton-meters and comes with a handful of hex, torx and screwdriver bits. And of course, it disassembles into its own little pouch. Adorable.

Flow Storage Cage | $60 (Loaded) – $20 (Unloaded)

We bet you could figure out how to make it hold a banana too.

Inspired by Specialized's SWAT cage, the Flow Storage Cage stands out for one significant reason: It actually stores a real tool. Sure, the SWAT tool is better than nothing, but the Lezyne V16 is something you'd actually choose to keep in your pack. But now you don't have to. The cage also will hold on to two CO2 cartridges, a C02 inflator … and a patch kit. Ok, so maybe everything it stores is all that useful. You can purchase the Flow Storage cage either loaded or unloaded.

Tubeless Kit – $20 (Regular) – $10 (Classic)

What’s the one thing better than bacon? Extra large bacon.

When we recently compared some leading tubeless plug kits, the field was surprisingly narrow. That's changing quickly. Lezyne's new Tubeless Kit happens to mimic the Genuine Innovations Tackle Kit, which was the favorite in our tubeless plug shootout. But in true Lezyne form, it features some innovative design tweaks. The back end of the insertion tool can thread into the storage tube for easier handling, and the tool itself doubles as a reamer, which will rough up and round out the hole to help the plugs adhere to the tire. Most remarkable are the plugs themselves, which are significantly thicker than those used by Genuine Innovations or Blackburn. Likely no need to double-up, but you can if you need to. The tool stores five plugs, and you could probably sneak a few more in there if you want some extra security.