The G-form Elite line is just what it sounds like. Their new top-level knee and elbow protection offers thicker pads that wrap further around and further above and below the joint. Rated Level 1 according to CE1621 standards, the Elite line is designed for more aggressive riding than any G-Form product to date. The more generous pads proved to absorb 90 percent of impacts up to 60 mph. The sleeve is longer and more ventilated in the back for better fit and comfort. Elite Knee pads go for $100, Elite Elbows go for $90 and are available now or with this nifty topographical map design in March. With the introduction of the Elite pads, G-form is dropping the price of the Pro-X knee and elbow pads. $60 for knee pad, down from $70 and $50 for elbow, down from $60. They also made updates to the pad surface and the stitching to make for a more durable product, along with more color options available March.

G-form also has a new bib, the Pro Elite Bib Short is fully ventilated down to the chamois, which means you can't pull your baggies off without giving your riding partners a show. Thick pad zones on hip, with small pockets on the sides of the legs. Nice grip strip at the bottom. $150 available in march. Shown here in conjunction with the Elite knee pads. The Pro Trail glove uses G-Form’s signature padding on the back of the fingers, as well as a minimal pad at the bottom of the palm. But the rest of the glove is designed to feel light and supple. The palm is ventilated, and the overall build is light despite their protective qualities. The Pro Trail gloves will go for $60, and will be available in March.



Effetto Mariposa:

Effetto Mariposa Vitamina CL is a powder made to mix with Caffélatex. While CafféLatex sealant by itself is more than sufficient for 95% of riders, some still want a little more confidence on race days or on big days. Vitamina CL was developed for exactly that purpose. Added directly inside the tire to Caffelatex sealant, V-CL increases the maximum repairable puncture size from 4 mm to 8 mm while also reducing repair time and lowering pressure loss. Add one scoop of V-CL to the standard 1 cup of CaffeLatex (directly in the tire). V-CL is non-toxic and will not compromise or reduce the lifespan of CaffeLatex sealant. Available Sept 2017. A 200 milliliter jar of Vitamina CL goes for $30, and is enough for 2 liters of Caffélatex or up to 20 mountain bike tires.



Fix It Sticks

The aptly named Mountain Bike Kit from Fix It Sticks comes with their classic "replaceables" sticks. “Replaceable,” meaning the bits can be changed and chosen to your liking, or replaced with a standard bit if you loose one. Also, 2 tire levers that slide onto the Fix It Sticks base and hold on with magnets and a hex-interface, just like the bits themseles. It also includes their innovative chain tool, which we’ll talk about later.  All of the items interface with the sticks to make an easy handle/ good leverage.  There’s a compact storage system for the sticks and bits, and a pouch to hold it all.

The chain breaker has one stick that acts as a handle, and puts your hand in a position next to where the chain sits, making it easy to hold the chain in place, then the second stick snaps onto the end and gives a comfortable grip for twisting and it is easy to get lots of leverage. Works with 12 speed chains also. Available November 1st.