Before Ibis released the brand new Mojo HD4 this past May, the internet was a buzz with candid trackside images and Sea Otter spy photos. The latter got some extra hype because of a little black bag tucked into the signature Ibis front-front triangle.

Branded the Ibis Pork Chop, the little black bag is available for the Mojo 3, HD3, and the new HD4. There’s also a slightly different version designed for the Ripley V2 and V3. Each bag is size-specific. Ibis partnered with Blackburn to serve up the Pork Chops, and the unique design works without straps or bolts. On the Mojo’s Pork Chop, the cross section is an inverted V-shape. There is a flexible wire structure that runs the perimeter of the bag that expands on either side. After positioning it in the frame, you pop the structure open from inside.

On the Ripley, there’s a plastic tab that runs along the top length of the bag and pushes up just inside the shock mount tabs. There are sewn-in “slots” that accept the tab end which are spaced at intervals based on the size of frame. While the bag has a wire structure like the Mojo Pork Chop, and the side panels expand outside of the front facet, it still requires a way for the bag to not slide downward. The tab nests against the interior of the shock mount and wedges the bag in place.


The bags don’t interfere with cables, bottle cages, or shock dials and switches. They go for $50, and are available right now. Come and get ’em!


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