Hayes Components Introduces New Offerings for 2012 Season

Highlights: easy-tune brakes, reinforced Tower fork and new bars.

By Brice Minnigh
Photos by Anthony Smith

Hayes has made some key adjustments to its product line for the 2012 season, introducing new technology designed to make brake tuning idiot-proof and stiffening up one of its best-selling forks.

The patented new brake-tuning technology—called 'Crosshair Alignment'—centers around a pair of set screws that simplifies fine adjustments to brake-pad position. The new feature will be included on all of the company's Prime brakes from June 1 and all Hayes Dyno brakes from July 1.

On the apparel side, the company will offer a new line of Answer gloves called 'Answer IT' that will feature smart phone-compatible paneling on the index fingers to make it easier to navigate smart-phone screens without having to remove your gloves. The gloves, which have been developed with input from Diamondback rider Eric Porter, will cost $35 and will be available on June 1.

Here's a look at some of the company's 2012 products:

Hayes' patented new 'Crosshair Alignment' technology features two set screws that make it easy to fine-tune the position of your brake pads.

So simple it hurts—the new set screws will be on all Prime brakes from June 1.

Hayes' new L Series rotor will come in 160-millimeter, 180-millimeter and 203-millimeter sizes.

Some riders liked their Hayes rotors so much that they wore them down into chainrings….

Hayes developed these new '20/20' bars in concert with cross-country racer Evan Plews, who felt that some backsweep could help prevent wrist and arm fatigue. These feature a 20-degree backsweep and weigh 218 grams.

The 20/20 bars are fully cuttable and flippable and feature a 4-degree sweep, up or down.

The new Pro Taper carbon DH bars are 780-millimeters wide—thus meeting the industry standard for shredding.

The Pro Taper carbon DH bars weigh 250 grams, will retail for $180 and will be available from June 1.

Hayes redesigned Tower fork features a 1.5-inch tapered steerer and optimized casting for stiffness.

The company claims its QR15 is the fastest quick-release in the industry.