The holidays are approaching at the speed of a freight train, and if you have a young gun gunning for the trails, we’ve got a couple suggestions for what could end up under the tree. Here’s a gift guide for the kids in your life.

Bontrager Solstice MIPS Youth Bike Helmet—$60

First and foremost—safety. In our book, anything worth doing is worth doing safely (or with at least an honest effort toward such), and above all else a good helmet is paramount. Needless to say, human noggins are vitally important, and they’re also surprisingly fragile. In recent years, the research around the effects of head injuries has only re-affirmed the need to have a good brain bucket out on the trail, especially for young minds.

The Bontrager Solstice helmet is designed specifically for kids, and has a smaller mold for little heads. A good fit is vitally important for a helmet, and the Solstice also has an easily adjustable fit system to accommodate growth down the road. The other system integrated in the Solstice shell is MIPS. It’s pretty impressive to see on a helmet at this price point, and the same is true about Fidlock. The magnetic Fidlock buckle is a feature we’ve seen show up on many high-end helmets lately, and while it seems like a minor touch, the Fidlock buckle is much easier to use than a traditional buckle, while being just as secure. And if your little shredder has ever had their chin pinched in a traditional buckle, Fidlock might be the cure for helmet-o-phobia. Best yet, if a crash happens in the first year of owning the Solstice, Bontrager will replace the helmet for free.

Available in four colors, head into your local Trek dealer to try on the Solstice, or order it online here.

100% Strata Mini MX Goggles—$17

Don’t worry, we did a double take on that price too. Continuing the safety theme, the Strata Mini MX Goggles from 100% offer a very affordable option for eye protection. Be it mud, water or an unfortunately placed stick, eye protection is often an underrated but invaluable piece of equipment out on the trail. And more importantly, they’ll make your little one feel like a moto star. The Strata Mini is a smaller version of 100% adult Strata goggles, and is available with nearly all the same features as its big brother. There are three colors, and even the option for prescription goggles if needed.

Learn more about the Strata Mini MX here.

Kona Process 24—$2000

Go big this year with the Kona Process 24, both literally and figuratively. If you want a taste of what this little shredder is capable of, check out the release video from earlier this fall here. Spec’d to meet the demands of the hardest-riding kids, the Process 24 will hold up under the abuse and have fun doing it. A 1x drivetrain ensures that dropped chains are an inconvenience of the past, and hydraulic brakes will keep the speed in check—that is, if they’re ever used.

Head into your local Kona dealer to try one out, or head to Kona’s website here to learn more about the Process 24.

If a 24 sounds too small, the Rocky Mountain Reaper is another great option for the kids that border on adult bikes, but aren’t quite ready to make the switch.

Strider Rocking Base—$80

Strider 12–$120

On the other end of the spectrum, the Strider Rocking Base is a good introduction to bikes for the kids that are just beginning to eye two-wheeled contraptions. Designed to be used in conjunction with a Strider 12, or nearly any 12-inch balance bike, the Rocking Base essentially turns the balance bike into a rocking horse for the kids that aren’t quite ready for the balancing act. This gets the future young gun on a bike early, and in a safe way, and when it comes time to spin the wheels you already have a balance bike that’s familiar.

Learn more about the Strider Rocking Base here.

SDG JR Pro Kit—$150

Little shredders are, well, little. Full-size equipment isn’t always the right for them, and that goes for components like bars, seats and pedals. Luckily, SDG has a kit that includes 650-millimeter wide bars, smaller flat pedals (with replaceable pins) and junior-sized saddle. What’s really cool is that the bars taper to only 19 millimeters at the grips—slightly narrower than a regular bar—to better fit small hands. There’s also a mini set of grips and a shim kit so that regular brakes and shifters can be mounted on the smaller bars.

Availible in four colors, learn more here.