Gear: Lezyne’s Newest Offerings

New Chuck Design From Lezyne, As Well As Shop Tool And Light Ranges

We paid Lezyne a visit during the Interbike Outdoor Demo and they gladly hocked their ware for us. New for the cycling accessory company is a brand-new line of shop-grade tools as well as a new lighting range.  Also of note is an updated design for their thread-on chucks, as well as the introduction of the new Speed Chuck.

Lezyne's new shop tools are sure to impress. Their chain whip features interchangeable chain sections to allow easy 9- 10- and 11-speed interchangeability

Wrench-turners get a choice of metal or wood handles. We'd be hard-pressed to decide which we like better

Lezyne's new shock pump, the Shock Drive, takes a decidedly industrial approach. Capable of pushing 300 psi, it features an oil-filled gauge for durability.

The update on the threaded chuck design incorporates a release valve that is supposed to help alleviate instances where unthreading the chuck brings the valve-core along with it.

Starting on the left is the Mini Drive. At 150 lumens, the light retails for $70 dollars and features a USB-rechargeable Li-on battery. Stepping up from there is the Power Drive which increases output to 300 lumens. From there it moves up to the Super Drive, which packs a four-hundred-lumen punch, making it fit for light trail-duty.