Gallery: From the Tradeshow Floor–Day 1

A smorgasbord of things both cool and weird from Interbike 2013

By Seb Kemp

Las Vegas…

The spaceship on a pink fluffy cloud of weirdness. It has to be seen to be believed.

The website for the Mandalay Bay Hotel (home to this year’s Interbike tradeshow) is full of more boasts than a rapping prizefighter. Among the most intriguing was this one,

"No resort is complete without exotic natural wonders. At Shark Reef you can see all kinds -- sawfish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish and the rare golden crocodile, to name a few. In all, there are over 2,000 animals in 1.6 million gallons of water."

There is nothing particularly exciting about this. Sure, the talk of aquatic killing machines, toothy dinosaurs and blancmange-like skin flailers is rather interesting but really anyone can go swim with the sea beasts these days, spectacular recreation is just a credit card swipe away. However, what makes the Mandalay's water-based experience so extraordinary is that the fish pond in question is actually in the middle of the Nevada desert – the nearest ocean being about four and half hours away. That's kind of oddly unnatural, but that's just Las Vegas for you.

Day one of Interbike 2013 kicked off today and while many of the Bike staff were sidetracked by the local sights and scenes, there was a bit of time to go and see the new products and bike-related weirdness on display.