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Fresh Produce

Fresh product from Tasco, Xpedo, Scott and the University of Minnesota


Xpedo GFX Pedals

Xpedo GFX Pedals

Our man Ryan Cleek was pretty impressed after his long-term test of Xpedo’s Baldwin pedals. The GFX pedals are like the Baldwins, but different.

They’re intended for gravity-focused riding, and to that end Xpedo has spring-loaded the retention mechanism so that its trailing end is elevated, which should make it easier for riders to find the clip-in spot after laying a foot out through a corner. The large platform is intended for additional support and grip during wild unclipped moments with the help of four grub screws per side. The GFXs weigh in at a claimed 468 grams with a chromoly spindle.
$130 / xpedo.com


Scott Prospect Goggles

Scott Prospect Goggles

These eyeshields were designed for motocross, but hey, that’s just one more reason to yell “Braaaaaap” while leaning your bike over through a corner. Scott gives them a permanent no-fog treatment, and they have pins for tear offs so you can pretend to be Danny Hart. The lenses are swappable, and Scott has designed a system to keep them from pushing inwards in the case of an impact, and the straps are kept in place with silicone grippers. The nose guard is removable.
$81 / scott-sports.com


Honeycrisp Apple

It’s the perfect eating apple. The Honeycrisp was developed at the University of Minnesota’s Agricultural Research Center in the 70’s, and was once almost discarded, or at least that’s what Wikipedia says. Wikipedia also says that the rupturing of its abnormally large cells is what makes it so crisp and juicy. We can confirm the crisp and juicy part. ≃$2.75 per pound


Tasco Apparel

Tasco Perceptive Trail Jersey & Double Digits Kit

The Perceptive is Tasco’s three-quarter sleeved trail jersey. The San Diego-based clothing brand is also offering up combo packs of matching socks and gloves with its Double Digit Kits.

Jersey – $65, Double Digits – $45 / tasco-mtb.com