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Product picks from Bontrager, Kore, Giro and Lezyne

Bontrager Rapid Pack
Bontrager’s description reads “For off-road riders who give up seat packs for dropper posts…” but let’s be real. You haven’t used a seat pack since the second Bush administration. Oh, old G.W. How quaint a time.

There are plenty of reasons to escape to the trails these days: work, the news, the mortgage, the news. Did I say the news? You’ve just got to go ride. After work, before work, during work, whatever. And you’ll probably want to bring some things with you, but not too many things.

Bontrager Rapid Pack

Bontrager’s Rapid Pack feels like it’s a winner when we jump up and down with it on in the office.

That’s where a fanny (or hip) pack comes in. Bontrager’s version seems pretty convincing. It puts the bottle in the middle, so your pack won’t wind up looking like a sinking ship. There are zip pockets to the sides of the bottle holder, each of which have two internal organizers. There’s even a key hook in the right pocket. Look for a review sometime in the near-to-far future. $60 / trekbikes.com

Giro Roust Jersey and Arc Short
Going for a louder look than what we’ve seen in the past, Giro made the Roust jersey with gravity-oriented riders in mind. Non-gravity-oriented riders shouldn’t care how loud the look is, since they’re in space, and nothing is loud in space. But for those of us on Earth and riding trail, here’s another polyester jersey option. It’s got a lens wipe and comes in four colors.

Giro Roust Jersey and Arc Short

Giro’s new line of mountain apparel is significantly brighter than what we’re used to seeing from the Santa Cruz brand.

The Arc shorts are also made of polyester. They have two hand pockets and a zippered one on the outside of the leg. They have an external waist adjuster, and Giro says they’re silent on the bike. $60 (jersey) $80 (shorts) / giro.com

Kore Hardgoods
Kore’s Mega handlebar weighs in at 251 grams–not too shabby for aluminum. It’s 780 millimeters wide, with 5 degrees of upsweep and 8.5 of backsweep. 20- and 35-millimeter rise versions are available. The Repute stem would pair well with the bar, coming in 35 and 50 millimeter lengths. Both the stem and the bar are available in 31.8- and 35-millimeter clamp versions.

Kore Components

Kore’s selection of hardgoods looks sharp.

The colored underside and rails on Kore’s Fuze II saddles offer a way to add a subtle splash of color to your bike. The Fuze II promises durability and comfort with chromoly rails, a vacuum-bonded construction, a waterproof cover and an EA pressure release system. korecomponents.com

Lezyne Super GPS

Lezyne Super GPS

The Super GPS may look like an old-school computer, but it’s a fully featured GPS.

This little nugget packs a lot of punch for folks seeking an on-the-bar GPS, with turn-by-turn navigation, segment tracking and all the basic metrics. It can do a lot–especially for the price. Depending on the package, you’re looking at $150, $190 or $230. Full specs at lezyne.com