Deity Knuckleduster Grips

Deity just rebranded with a slew of new products, including these Knuckleduster grips, which offer an interesting blend of multi-directional ribbing and a recessed waffle section. The idea is that the ribbing provides cushioning and ergonomic support while the waffled section increases traction.

The internal sleeve tapers to a narrower diameter towards the outside of the grip, which helps the single inboard clamp keep them from throttling. We’ve been riding a pair, and so far this tapered design has worked as promised. We were able to push the grips onto the bar (though Deity says you’ll need to tap them on), and once riding the Knuckledusters do indeed provide that delicate combination of traction and cushion. $22 /


100% Status Helmet

The Status is a mid-level DH helmet from 100%, constructed with a fiberglass shell as opposed to the carbon/kevlar composite used for the brand’s top-end Aircraft. It’s not available with MIPS, but does have washable padding and emergency-release cheek pads. Like the Aircraft, it’s compatible with inflatable emergency release systems. The size medium we have in the office weighed in at a feathery 972 grams. $200 /


Mountain Washer

Most trails are only going to get muddier over the next couple weeks, and let’s be real: Washing your bike when you get home and it’s getting colder and darker is no fun. The Mountain Washer is a portable pressure washer that runs off a car’s 12V power outlet. It produces enough pressure to wash away trail muck–especially fresh muck–but not so much that it’ll take paint off. It also includes a shower head attachment, in case you can’t wait until you’re home to clean yourself, either. $180 /


Northwave Outcross Plus

The Outcross looks like it was made with bikepacking in mind. The outsole doesn’t skimp on grip or ergonomics, using a bed of Michelin rubber lugs, a raised heel and a flexible medial section, all of which should make these shoes a great option for rides that are bound to include some hiking. The closure is tightened by two Velcro straps and a dial that features unique step-by-step adjustments or a full release from a single button. $140 /