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Gear picks from Dainese, Fox, Kore, Blackburn and Clif Bar

Dainese Armoform Knee Guard

Dainese Armoform Knee Guard

These pads by Italian brand Dainese are distinguished by an articulated knee joint that reduces the forces that usually cause a pad to slip or bunch during pedaling. The thigh and shin sections hinge relative to the kneecap, allowing the whole pad to move naturally. These pads aren’t meant for long days in the saddle, though–while not especially heavy, they do use plastic plates for gravity-worthy protection. Elastic bands with silicone grippers and Velcro closures keep the Armoforms in place on both ends, while a power strap adds tension across the calf. $100 /

Fox Transfer Seatpost

Fox Transfer Post

Fox has scrapped its original dropper–the D.O.S.S.–in favor of an all-new post. The hydraulic internals of the cable-actuated Transfer are built into the stanchion, so servicing won’t be as simple as dropping in a new cartridge, but Fox says that this design makes room for a higher volume of fluid inside the post, which results in a lighter lever feel.


The post is available with either internal or external routing, in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters and 100-, 125- and 150-millimeter-travel lengths. The Performance level post shown here comes with a black stanchion coating, but $314 buys the Factory-level version, which comes in the vanity-enhancing Kashima coating. There are two versions of the remote, which is sold separately–an under-the-bar shifter-style version and a less ergonomic top-of-the-bar version for unfortunate souls with front shifters. $264 post, $65 remote /

Kore Fuse II Saddle

Kore Fuse II Saddle

If you’re looking for some subtle color highlights for your bike, Kore’s Fuse II saddle might fit the bill. It comes with either red, blue, green, orange, yellow or black on the underside and the chromoly rails, and will fit most butts at 132 millimeters wide. The center of the Fuse II is depressed to relieve pressure on sensitive areas, and Kore says the nylon base is built with just the right amount of flex. $110 /

Blackburn Wayside Cage

Blackburn Wayside

Side-entry bottle cages are nothing new, but the Wayside gives the idea a new twist. The cage and the bracket are actually two separate pieces, so there’s no need for side-specific versions. The cage comes in five colors and weighs 45 grams. $20 /

Clif Nut Butter Filled


All too often, energy bars taste like they somehow got covered in talcum powder. With nut butter on the inside, these Clif bars add some creaminess to the equation, and with great success. So far we’ve sampled the Chocolate Hazlenut Butter flavor, and it was tasty. Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Almond Butter are the other varieties. $1.79 each /