We’ve come to hate the Fox Transfer post. Not because of low quality or questionable value. To the contrary. Despite a bit of a false start with the D.O.S.S., Fox’s freshman offering in the dropper post world, the Transfer may actually be the smoothest-acting, most reliable traditional hydraulic dropper on the market today. But we’ve held a grudge because, until today, the most drop you could get out of a Transfer was 150 millimeters. With bikes offering lower standover, shorter seat tubes and deeper insertion every year, there are more and more riders who could potentially access that crucial extra inch of clearance in that crucial area. Well, Fox has finally responded with a 175-millimeter Transfer

The 175-millimeter Transfer has more drop, but also requires a greater insertion depth.

The 175-millimeter Transfer features no fundamentally new internals. No new hardware or materials. No new features or price points. It just means you need about an extra 25 millimeters of insertion depth and about another 25 millimeters between your rails and your seatpost clamp. It’s simple as that. All the reliability and functionality of the original is preserved.

An additional lever option offers a bigger paddle, more leverage and MatchMaker compatibility.

The actuation levers Fox offers haven’t changed either, so if you just want to buy the post (Kashima-coated: $344 or Performance: $294), they’ll hook up just like the current Transfers. The RaceFace 1x lever ($70) is a fairly recent addition that came with the new RaceFace Turbine R post, which is just a re-branded Transfer. The RaceFace 1x  lever offers some extra options though, like a larger thumb paddle, two mounting options and MatchMaker 1x compatible.

For more information about the 175-millimeter Transfer, visit Fox’s website here.