Follow Us to the Taipei International Cycle Show

Crossing the Rubicon, from the Radical to the Ridiculous

Words by Brice Minnigh
Photos by Anthony Smith

Bike magazine is in Taipei, Taiwan, for an exploratory tour of the Taipei International Cycle Show and a moveable feast of intriguing street food and watered-down Taiwan Beer. In between dodging scooters and out-sprinting them on five-inch-travel bikes, we've spent a couple of days canvassing the tradeshow floor and combating sore feet. Here's a sample of what we've seen so far.

Making the cycle show friendly to foreigners.

Novatec's "4in1" hubset will be laced up to a lighter version of their Diablo rim for 2011.

The lighter Diablo wheelset complements an ever-expanding range of aftermarket wheels from Novatec.

Kind Shock's new hydraulic dropper post features a unique hose configuration that helps keep the toptube tidy.

Funn's new flat pedal has its sights set on the all-mountain/enduro crowd.

Apparently it's not all about bicycles at the Taipei Cycle Show...

Hippos in Taiwan? WTF?

Much to our surprise, we ran into Vernon Felton's new downhill instructor. Ouch!

The RockShox Monarch looking positively regal in white.

Truvativ's logo gets a facelift, but their new components are not all about cosmetics.

What color of pedals do you need? Wellgo has it.

Alex Rims' product line covers the wheel gamut, from burly bolt-ons to svelte XC race.

"This is not a sex saddle, just a normal massage saddle...and not just for ladies," said the marketing woman for some company named "Abat." This left us wondering what exactly is "normal" about a massage saddle...?

"Excuse me, sir, but do you have a Squirrel seat cover available, perchance?"

The jeans clustered around this booth were alarmingly tight...

Gumby says, "Lock it up, dammit!"

Mountain Cycle is Back in Black with its new all-mountain rig.

Suntour's suspension line is broad and features innovation such as their patented quick-release technology and electronic lockout.

Bike magazine's managing editor is Big in biggie.

A sad sight, indeed. Race Face's empty booth marks the end of an era.