First Impressions: Uvex XP CC Helmet

Huge performance and a comforting 99-dollar price tag

By Joe Parkin

When it comes to comfort, products like helmets, shoes and shorts have a tendency to show their weaknesses pretty quickly, because ill-fitting models can make an otherwise good ride go pear-shaped in a hurry.

I'm happy to report that my first rides in the 260-gram, $100-dollar Uvex XP CC were definitely not hindered, distracted or upset in any way by the helmet. That's saying a lot, too, because during my first couple of days wearing the Uvex, I felt about as bad as a starving dog that'd been tied up to a bus and dragged around for a while on some pothole-ridden roads.

Perhaps you know the kind of ride I am talking about? My legs didn't work. My brain didn't work. I didn't like my gloves, my shoes and the bike I was riding. I felt like slapping babies and yelling at poor, little old ladies. It is surprising, in fact, that I did not perform a record-setting bike toss.

The helmet, on the other hand, was aces. Cool and comfortable. Two thumbs up. Chapeau, Uvex.

Though I am admittedly not princess-and-the-pea sensitive when it comes to brain protection, I found the German-made Uvex to be as comfortable as any helmet I've ever worn. Fit adjustments are ridiculously simple thanks to what Uvex calls IAS 3D+. This system allows the helmet to be adjusted for ride-height as well as tightness. Once familiar with IAS 3D+, these adjustments can easily be made on the fly. Further, Uvex's Monomatic closure system allows riders to micro adjust strap tension—a bonus for those of us who prefer slack straps while climbing.

If forced to pick nits, I'd ask that the removable visor also be movable/adjustable. And that is not because the visor was in my line of sight, but because, you know, the kids are running 'em pretty high these days.

Bottom line: The Uvex XP CC is a cool, comfortable, value-packed performer.